Frequently Asked Questions

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Thank you for your questions, we hope to provide you with answers that will give you peace of mind

I have no horse riding experience (or never rode before) can I ride?

Our horses are gentle as can be. Many visitors are first time riders or adults who rode many years ago as children! Because we treat our horses with so much love and respect, they have a good disposition towards humans. Prior to the ride there will be an introduction to horseback riding session, you will meet your horse as well, this will get you more comfortable on the saddle. All rides are guided by professional trail guides for your peace of mind.

Can two people ride on the same horse?

Sorry, no. This is an unlike horse riding practice anywhere.

Can children ride if they have no experience?

Yes, just as adults could, because our horses are very well trained. Children must be 10 years and older to participate in trail rides. 

Where do we ride?

Our trails are stunningly beautiful! We ride on the highest possible view point a person can take a horse in the Los Angeles beach areas, nearly 2,000 feet elevation above sea level! The views form up there are breath taking, no one else has this geographical advantage. Yet the trails are easy enough for any skill level, nice and wide and with gradual up and down hill paths.

Can we see the ocean?

When is clear on the coast we can see for miles! You will observe parts of the Santa Monica Bay in Malibu, they are distant views contrasting the mountains graciously. You are bound to build amazing memories!


Can anyone ride on the beach in Los Angeles?

Sadly no. When we have beach rides they are LONG DISTANCE, it could take up to 5 hours drive to get to the beach destination (this does not mean we ride for 5 hours). Because we have to transport the horses long distance, it becomes costly to do these rides. They are mainly offered to customers wanting to get married on the beach by small ceremony and such. NO other Horse Riding company offers RIDING ON THE BEACH IN LOS ANGELES, we are saving you a call! Our stables in Topanga are as close as you’ll get to the ocean!


Why do we have to make a reservation?

We offer clean, happy, gentle horses. Our reservation system permits us keep close track of how many hours a horse works, to ensure their proper work rotation, so you always enjoy a wonderful willing animal. Our horses are only saddled as needed. Please call us ahead of time, we are very well known and have lots of repeat customers! We hope you become one of them.


What is the difference between your company and other riding places?

Respectfully, to our competitors, we set the trend, then they follow our style.

We have 17 years of experience assisting novice riders as well as experienced riders, it is comforting to know that someone with lots of experience will be assisting and guiding your ride.

Our safety record is unsurpassed!

It is so peaceful up in our mountain, you can hear a pin drop!

You truly feel like you’ve left the busy metro area because our 5,000 acre mountain top IS THE COUNTRY of Los Angeles! Wild life and all. Come and enjoy the serenity.


Is it completely safe to ride a horse?

Horseback riding, just as many other thrill seeking sports, HAS inherent risks of serious injury. We practice “safety first” and have an amazing perfect ride record in our many years in the business.


Can we use our cameras while we ride?

One way insuring things go well while on a ride, is to make sure riders have full use of both their hands on the reins ( reins are the ropes that control the horses movements and make them stop or go, which you will be holding). Cameras and/or cell phones can make a horse react in unexpected ways, not great for riders.
FOR YOUR SAFETY, trail guides will take the photos for you when is best timing. Remember, it is about ALL persons participating on a ride. We also suggest all hats and sun or eye glasses are secured to your body if worn.

What should we wear?

Long pants and hiking boots or sturdy tennis shoes with a good sole on bottom. Dress according to weather. When in doubt of what clothing is appropriate please call our office and ask.

Can I Book online?

We are proud to be one of the last businesses in existence which will great you with a nice warm human being voice and one on one personal service!

We will in the future offer online booking as a choice, for now, we love speaking with you!

Have a wonderful time and bountiful joy!

Doing business with integrity and care for others, one ride at a time.

The Staff,
Los Angeles Horseback Riding
At Your Service!